The catastrophic physical, emotional and psychological fallouts that accompany any rape incident is worrisome.

More worrying is the fact that rape seems to be turning more into a culture, one seems to getting popular and acceptable in our society. So much so that people now brag about being rapists.

This is very sad and unfortunate.

Some of the victims of rape recover from the shock and trauma while others have been irreparably damaged.

And I can tell you this without mincing words: RAPE IS EVIL!

It ruins people’s lives. It takes the shine away from their lives. A lot of victims eventually become very sick, while some, out of sheer hopelessness, resort to suicide.

Now, most rape victims in a bid to protect their reputation often keep all these emotions bottled up inside of them  even though they silently yearn for someone who will help them re-discover themselves and be set free from the pain.

I am particularly worried because once an act of rape is carried out the victims rarely ever recover fully from the shock and trauma!

There is a rape case of a young lady whose rapist later told her to go for a checkup as he had been diagnosed with HIV!

Sad isn’t it?

The young lady is still disoriented and in a state of perpetual fear up to this moment.

There also is a nineteen years old girl who was raped and is reported to be a total wreck right now. And the fact that she was a virgin makes it more painful and traumatizing for her. She is too timid to report the rapist to the right authorities because of the stigma usually associated with it. She is nursing herself and has withdrawn from people.

There are lots of persons who still carry around, the scars and burden of being rape victims and we have to join forces together in preaching and standing against rape.

HelpMeOut needs your help in getting in touch with and helping Rape victims out of their trauma, pains or burdens.

HelpMeOut creates a platform where rape victims can be heard, helped and taught how best to survive and thrive inspite of the unfortunate incident.

Given the extremely sensitive nature of rape, the identities of the victims shall be protected to the extent that they want as we have a privacy policy of anonymity.

There is a lot we can do for victims of rape! They need help: medical, psychological and even spiritual help, in some cases.

Quite a number of rape victims only need someone to listen to their pains without judging them. So, this platform goes a long way in helping rape victims overcome the trauma and get a decent chance of not just living normal lives but thriving regardless.

HelpMeOut has made it, it’s lifes work to ensure young people’s perspective of Rape changes!

Share your experience and save others!