Pain, Pain, Pain!!! Simple four letter word but beneath this word conveys the most delicate and deadly of emotions that are generally experienced by a human being at least once a day (theoretically speaking). The human body is a wonderful thing. It regulates itself, maintains itself fairly well, and has a sophisticated system to warn us of malfunctions. When wear and tear occur, we take it in for maintenance. Our emotional health, though, gets far less attention…

A cut, untended, will become infected. We know that for a fact. So we don’t allow that to happen. We clean the wound, bandage it, and if bad enough, go to the doctor.

But heartbreak or disappointment? Oh, we allow those to fester! We’ll go out of our way to pretend there’s no injury, and when the emotional injury worsens or spreads to other areas of our lives, we’ll ignore that too.

There’s an ongoing world debate over the two major types of pain so as to determine which one of them has the most devastating effects. Just so you know, we basically have two types of pain, physical and emotional pain. But for the sake of our mission and vision(HMO) we’ll be solely focused on dealing with the emotional aspects of pain.

When i was a kid, my Dad used to hit my mom all the time. He’d do it over the slightest arguments and the silliest of things but i really couldn’t understand why he did those things because he seemed like such a nice guy to me. My elder sister always complained to me that she hated the fact that my mom was being abused constantly and even worse, in public by my Dad. One day, he hit her so hard on the head that she fell and hit the floor. She suffered from brain aneurysm(of course i didn’t know that then) but the PHYSICAL pain she felt because of the way she fell caused her to have short term memory loss, speech impairment and she couldn’t move for days. Fast forward ten years from this incident and my mom is okay PHYSICALLY and doing good. But what about the emotional trauma she suffered? How would you feel if you weren’t able to recognize your own kids?She still has nightmares and flash backs of this event that it hurts and eats her up emotionally till this day that she cries whenever she remembers. Do you know who has deeply scarred the most from this? My sister!! I remember she refused to eat for days and didn’t talk to my dad because she was so scared that my mom was going to die. The psychological pain that she suffered from watching my mom in such a helpless state has created a disgust for men and the word MARRIAGE is synonymous to HELL for her. 

Ladies and gentlemen, your case could be different from that of my sister. I shared this story just to let you know that emotional pain trumps physical pain anytime anyday. You could be suffering from a case totally different from this. Maybe you caught your fiance cheating on you, maybe people don’t take you seriously and insult you regularly, maybe you feel you just don’t fit in anywhere, maybe you’re suffering from something you can’t even explain to yourself. Guess what? There is hope! 

Pain is the sum total of every hurtful experience you have gone through. Be it rape, domestic abuse, rejection, etc. Pain is what you feel in the end. HMO can and will help you. Reach out to us today so we can help you and most importantly help those who don’t have the slightest inkling as to what they are feeling. 

We can do better. 

We want to do better. 

We will do better. 

HMO will transform the lives of youths today but you know what? we need you!!!