Are you unsure of your role in life? Do you feel like you don’t know the ‘real you’? If you answer yes to the previous questions, you may be experiencing an identity crisis.

Identity crisis is one of the major problems facing society today. This problem is very common among teenagers and young adults. Young people become more aware of themselves as they grow, some of them appreciate the person they are growing up to be while some would rather be someone else…

This period in one’s life is a time to make a choice. Would you be yourself or would you rather try to be someone else?

There are countless cases of young people trying to live differently, far away from who they really are. Most of these people were exposed to some kind of pressure; peer pressure, pressure from family and even pressure from social media. Unfortunately, most young people harm themselves mentally, emotionally and sometimes physically in the process of trying to be someone else.

Consider the factors that cause young people to try so hard to be someone else which includes low self esteem, rejection or bullying.  Most young people have this idea that everyone else’ life is better than their own. They try so hard to live everybody else lives but their own.

The truth is no matter how perfect someone’s life looks, every one has hidden struggles, everybody’s life has highs and lows.

There is no life worth give yours away for. There’s so much strength and beauty in being your true self, only if you’d embrace it.

People spend a lot of money and time exploring ways to be other people. Time that could be used to harness their individual potential.

HelpMeOut believes that every individual is unique and can contribute to society in their own unique way.

There are lot of young people going through severe identity crisis around you, May be a friend, a sibling or a colleague.

HelpMeOut needs your help to get in touch with and help victims of Identity crisis out of the stress, trauma and emotional damage that comes with it.

HelpMeOut creates a platform where victims can be heard, helped and taught how best to survive and thrive inspite of the crisis.