The issue of heartbreak is one of the most disheartening issues that has increased the rate of self inflicted pain, depression, and even suicidal attempts amongst youths of today. And from statistics, the female gender is said to be major victims of the effects of heartbreak…

There are lots of cases showing the extent to which heartbreak has claimed the lives and happiness of a lot of our youths.

An example is the story of a final year nursing student whose corpse was found in a river with a note on her bed letting the world know the reason why she decided to end her life. According to the note, her boyfriend who she has been dating for seven years, broke up with her and just shortly after got another lady engaged to be married immediately.

Listening to this sad tale surrounding her death, i could imagine the degree of hurt and betrayal she must have felt. The rage,the anger, the disappointment, the depression,and all manner of emotional trauma that must have led to her not seeing life worth living anymore.

I hate to think of the fact that she had to die without anyone having the opportunity to reach out and save her from herself.

The truth is, beating yourself up, inflicting pain on yourself or the suicide decision, is 101%  a not a way to deal with heartbreak!

You don’t always have to take decisions based on the emotional state of your heart. Research has it that majority if not all decisions made in an unstable emotional state, have always yielded negative results!

Just because a lady broke your heart isn’t enough to make decisions that will affect your future relationships.

A young man once told me that his past relationship has thought him never to love a girl too much and never to spend on a girl as well. Because his last date cheated on him and told him he was too caring, too faithful to her and he was suffocating her with all that. According to him,she wanted him to flirt with other girls to make her jealous! You can only imagine the kind of effect that incident had on him.

As long as Man’s existence continues,as long as emotional hormones remain functional, as long as people fall in love everyday, so will we continue to dance to the  tune of heartbreak! It is simply inevitable and we can only hope for the best.

You should know that heartbreak isn’t the end of the road even though sometimes it seems like it. Have you ever stopped and thought of the possibility that nature might have gone ahead of you and just protected you from future regrets?

You’re worth being loved over and over and over again. Happiness and self confidence are things you shouldn’t allow heartbreak steal from you.

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