Self-neglect implies the inability or unwillingness to attend to one’s personal needs or hygiene. It may manifest in different ways, such as not attending to one’s nutrition, hygiene, clothing, or acting appropriately to care for medical conditions. Self-neglect can occur as a result of dementia, brain damage, or mental illnesses like depression or psychotic disorders.


Some people who suffer from self-neglect may engage in unhealthy behaviours such as substance use or abuse, tobacco use, promiscuity, or inappropriate use of prescription medications. The list of conditions associated with self-neglect is very broad, and treatment options depend upon the precise cause of self-neglect.

Self-neglect could lead to physical, mental or emotional illness and even death.

Friends,  family and neighbors of victims of self -neglect often confuse it for laziness,  which makes it difficult for them to get the right help when necessary.

Most people including professionals easily give up on the victim , because despite external help, the decision to end self neglect can only come from the victim.

When dealing with a self neglect victim,  patience, love and understanding is the only way to draw out their zeal for life and help them live like sane self loving people in the society once again.

Which is why HelpMeOut creates a community of young people who empathise with the experiences of others and come together to help you in your recovery every step of the way!