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Answers to Questions on Donation

Can I donate an amount not specified on the donation table?

Yes, we accept any donation amount as long as you do it cheerfully and voluntarily.

What do you do with the money donated?

We use funds donated for research, production and distribution of helpful stories, support people through counseling platforms, organized events and also for staff renumeration

I am making the donation on behalf of a Company?

It’s totally acceptable and we would include your branding in our future Events or Weekly Newsletters (If you wish).

What Payment Methods do you accept?

We accept Card Payments (Nigeria & Abroad), Bank Wires & cheques, Western Union (others). We understand different regions have different payment channels – contact us to work it out.

People tend to see the world through their own eyes. Pain, hardship and bad experiences included – Let’s help people take off these burdens
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Executive Director, HelpMeOut

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