Who We Are

We are HelpMeOut Organization, an NGO registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with number CAC/IT/NO 128480.

We are a community of mental health practitioners and people who have been helped out of the lonely and painful depths of mental health struggles who in turn want to literally help you out as well.

We are interconnected in a very strong and positive network of happy people whose immense joy is to see everyone, especially you free of mental health issues and stigmatization.

On your journey of getting help, you need an enabling community, experienced therapists and important materials which will help you declutter your mind.
You will also need to rid your life of negative struggles like low self esteem, depression, thoughts of suicide, schizophrenia and whatever mental health issues you may be dealing with. HelpMeOut  Organization was birthed for all these purposes.
We are here to help you every step of the way.

Our Vision

To become the number one global community of young people dealing with mental health.

Our Mission

Providing safe communities where young people dealing with mental health issues can get the adequate help they need

Extraordinary Experiences

Every opportunity I get to help someone who is dealing with mental health issues by offering counseling services is extremely special to me. However there has been one experience that struck my heart more intensely and it’s that of one of our earliest survivors.

She had the most bruised past I’d ever seen or heard of. I was sure that it was nothing short of a miracle that I got to be a part of her journey.

She had gone from being raped multiple times to being diagnosed with an STD (Hepatitis B) contracted from the sexual assaults to having multiple suicidal attempts and yet surviving them all.

After she shared her experiences with me and we began to talk about how she could heal, get better and overcome everything that she had been through, I was astounded by how much “fight” she still had in her.

Although it wasn’t an easy process she still wanted to fight for her life and everything that it could be and that was exactly what she did. Now, her life is all shades is beautiful and fulfilled.

There’s truly nothing more humbling and extraordinary knowing that I am a part of that transformation.



Our Core Values

At the core of what we do, we always strive to create a stable platform for sharing and relating to other peoples life’s challenges and how they overcame in order to promote a more stable social and psychological environment; our 3 point approach are

  • Empathy
  • Impartiality
  • Zero Stigma

What We Do

We create stable platforms for sharing and relating to other peoples life’s challenges and how they overcame in order to promote a more stable social and psychological environment


  • We provide Counselling Units
  • We provide Professional Psychological and Therapeutic Help
  • We provide Effective and Efficient Sensitization on Mental Health Issues
  • We perform Other Humanitarian Functions to Ensure a More Mentally Stable Person and Human Community.

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