Safe Spaces for Promoting Positive Mental Health

Overcoming past negative circumstances can be hard. We are here to help.

Does This Sound Familiar?

There’s a lot that we go through on our daily lives. Most of which, we are not even bold enough to talk about and as a result, our world is gradually becoming dark and full of despair.

A world where people’s days are characterized by anxiety, depression, loneliness, stigmatization and the likes which they bury behind smiling faces even though what they really want is to cry for help. It has become such a burden.

Could this be you or a loved one?

Let's Dialogue

We are here to have deep and insightful conversations which help you declutter your mind and resolve the very issues troubling you.

We Provide Safe Spaces

We provide safe spaces for people going through tough times mentally and emotionally. This will work a great deal to get you to open up and offload the heavy burdens on your heart and also ample time needed to explore better solutions to your problems.

We Partner

We partner with professionals and organizations from all aspects of life to provide interconnected solutions to the complex factors that influence mental health.

We Educate

We provide effective and efficient sensitization on mental health issues like low self esteem, depression, thoughts of suicide, schizophrenia and whatever mental health issues you may be dealing with.

We Respect Your Secrets

Whatever you share with us remains confidential and we only use the information you give us to help you become better. Our members are legally bound by non disclosure agreements and you are free to share your secrets with us to get help.

We Have Strong Values

Empathy, Impartiality and Zero Stigmatization are some of the values that guides us in helping you. We perfectly understand how hard it is to deal with mental health issues alone because we have also been through them as individuals. We are constantly helping young people live more beautiful. You deserve that help too.

Know Who We Are

About The Organization

We are HelpMeOut Organization, an NGO registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with number CAC/IT/NO 128480.

We are a community of mental health practitioners and people who have been helped out of the lonely and painful depths of mental health struggles who in turn want to literally help you out as well.

Our approach is to create stable platforms for sharing and relating to other peoples life’s challenges and how they overcame in order to promote a more stable social and psychological environment.

We Need You

Help save lives by working with us. Join a growing community of people around the world who are working to make life better for others.

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